Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Time to Catch Up!

I've been away from Blogger for several months!!   Summer arrived, four kids home from school, vacations, trips to the beach, swimming at the community pool, friends, projects, fun......then school began!   Back in the school routine, soccer, homework, etc. etc. etc!   I think we're settled back into our school-year routine, so now I can take time to blog again.   I've missed it!

So here are some of the cakes I decorated over the summer and fall months!   I'll just lump them all together in this one post, just as a catch up.  

I look forward to jumping back into Tuesdays With Dorie in November, as we will be starting a new cookbook too!

Thanks for reading!

Channing's "Frozen" Halloween party!   A combination of Elsa and spiders.  :)

Hannah's birthday cake!   How can my BABY be 8 years old?!

Alicia's 40th birthday cake!   "Meg A Mole" is the mascot for Alicia's company.  (She's a chemist!)

Alexandra's soccer birthday cake!   Super fun to make.
Emma's Minnie birthday cake!  

Hannah's spider birthday cupcakes, shared with her friends in school.  (My Hannah loves bugs!)

Brendan's Army-themed cake.  It looks like it's covered in fondant, but the cake is really just decorated with buttercream.  The letters and numbers are fondant though, as well as the star medallion.
Alexis's horse birthday cake!

Lauren's horse birthday cake!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Graduation Cake

I made this graduation cap with Wilton Candy Melts.  For the top of the cap I used a 6 inch square cake pan.  For the bottom of the cap I used a plastic cereal bowl.   I shaped the tassel out of fondant and adhered it to the cap with a dab of melted candy melts.  The diploma is also rolled fondant.

Congratulations Lauryn!!

Construction Truck Cake

What 3 year old boy wouldn't love this construction themed cake?!?   The trucks are digging away at this yummy chocolate cake, creating a big mess with the Oreo crumb dirt.

Soccer Ball Cake

I tried Wilton Sugar Sheets for the black shapes on this soccer ball cake!    I simply printed a soccer ball clip art photo, enlarged it on my copy machine, cut out the black shapes, then used them as a pattern for cutting the Sugar Sheets.  Worked like a charm!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cupcake Sugar Cookies

These gigantic decorated sugar cookies are gifts to my students tonight.  They completed all four Wilton classes, and I'm so proud of them!!

The cookie recipe is called "No Fail Sugar Cookies" and can be found here.  It's my go-to cut out sugar cookie recipe----the cookies are delicious, the dough is easy to work with, and the cookies don't spread in the oven!!

I make a few changes to my recipe though.  I add half vanilla and half almond extract typically, and I don't refrigerate the dough.   I roll it between two sheets of wax paper, using 1/4 inch dowel rods as guides on either side to ensure even thickness.   I cut the cookies with my cookie cutters dipped in flour, and place them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet, about 1 inch apart.  When a cookie sheet is full, I place it in the fridge to chill, then continue with the remaining dough.  The dough scraps are easy to pull back together to continue rolling and cutting.  No extra flour needed!   By the time I've cut all the cookies, the first cookie sheet is chilled and ready to be baked.   Easy peasy!

Here are the cookies, all packaged up and ready to be given as gifts!   The icing is royal icing, and the recipe can be found here.